This site is not affiliated with the original Sneedacity team. I just bought the site from them for like 2 dollars.


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File: 1657252521639.jpg–(30.67KB, 500x400, s-l500.jpg)
R No.44

I buy and sell website domain names and am sending this message to let you know I own the domain and it's available for sale right now, probably cheaply.

Would you or your organization be interested in acquiring it? The domain is registered with EPIK and has just expired. It can still be moved to another EPIK account or transferred to a registrar of your choice. Possibly you would consider making an offer for it.

I would hope there would be interest in it because the domain directly relates to your business.

Can i get a reply regarding my proposal? Thanks.
¨ R No.45
Maybe the people who run the GitHub might be

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