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How to download what's left of Sneedacity



Pre-built binaries for Ubuntu Linux can be downloaded here.
Binaries can be installed on Arch Linux from the Sneed Arch Repo by adding the following lines to /etc/pacman.conf (replace x86_64 with aarch64 on ARM systems)

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =

And installing via the following command

pacman -Syu sneedacity-bin

No they can't.

Installing from source

1. Install dependencies using the following commands on Debian/Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential cmake git python3-pip
sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libasound2-dev libavformat-dev

Or the following on Arch

sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git cmake python python-pip
sudo pacman -Syu gtk2 alsa-lib ffmpeg

2. Clone Sneedacity from GitHub

git clone

3. Configure Sneedacity using CMake

mkdir build && cd build
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -Dsneedacity_use_ffmpeg=loaded ../sneedacity

4. Build Sneedacity

make -j`nproc`

5. Install Sneedacity

sudo make install

Non-free systems

Well, well. Look at the city slicker pulling up with his fancy Macbook Pro.

While we support Sneedacity for all major systems, we also encourage the use of free software built on free operating systems.


Prebuilt binaries for MacOS can be downloaded here. No they can't

Installing from source

1. Install the following dependencies and a C++17 compiler. We build Sneedacity with XCode 12. However, XCode 7 may also work.

brew install cmake python

2. Clone Sneedacity from GitHub

git clone

3. Configure Sneedacity using CMake

mkdir build && cd build
cmake -GXcode -T buildsystem=1 ../sneedacity

4. Open Sneedacity in XCode

open Sneedacity.xcodeproj

5. Build Sneedacity using the IDE


Prebuilt binaries for 64-bit Windows can be downloaded here, or here for 32-bit Windows.

Installing from source

1. Install Visual Studio and the following dependencies. We build Sneedacity with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. However, MSVC 2017 should also work.

python3 >= 3.5
cmake >= 3.16

2. Clone Sneedacity from GitHub

git clone

3. Open CMake GUI. Set where is the source code to the Sneedacity source folder and where to build the binaries to a preferred location outside the source folder.

4. Press configure, selecting the x64 or Win32 platforms as preferred.

5. Configuring done will appear in the log following successful configuration. Press Generate to generate the Visual Studio project.

6. Generating done will appear. Press Open Project to open the project in Visual Studio.

7. Select Build -> Build Solution. You can now run Sneedacity!

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